** Updated 5/3/2017 **

We are closing the store this summer
and are not taking consignments.



Consigning Your treasure 

Why Consign instead of buy outright?  

The simple answer is you'll get more for each item that sells if you consign.

Winter 2016/7 - We hand pick each item for style and condition. Our best sellers are upscale casual clothing, current handbags and comfortable shoes. We are accepting sunglasses, denim, cowboy boots, lightweight sweaters, and athletic wear. Clothing should be just washed without added fragrance (e.e., no chemical dryer sheets or Febreze) and ready to hang. Trends are our top sellers and we want them in all sizes. Please, no back of closet items unless it's a dramatic fringed shawl in A+ condition, or has collector interest such as Lilly Pulitzer, Diane Von Furstenberg or Bonnie Cashin. We are especially picky--items should be like new, clean and ready to sell. Your items can be folded, or on hangers if they have been recently steamed or dry cleaned. Please click on Designers to see if your items would be a good fit for our shop. 

Are you moving, retiring or downsizing? We want to see your classic pieces such as Lanvin and Givenchy, and Chanel; Coach bags and Frye boots from the 1970s; cowboy boots, and older leather goods (the more studs & fringe, the better!) We appreciate fine fabrics such as 100% linen, tencel and alpaca. Handbags such as Louis Vuitton and Fendi along with popular labels like Marc Jacobs. Handbags should look new and smell neutral. Shoes should be in high demand such as Birkenstock, Tory Burch and Hunter. Shoes should look new inside and on toes; boots can show a small amount of wear but the soles should be cleaned. We appreciate eco friendly fabrics--linen, bamboo and organic cotton. Good yoga clothing sells very well here if it's worn once and washed according to manufacturer's instructions. Your chunky necklace that you love more in the box than on your neck will get another chance to be adored, if it is free of dust and grime (but please don't try to polish silver or remove the patina from vintage jewelry).


Now accepting Spring 2017 clothing, boots, silk scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, and all-season handbags.
Call ahead if you are driving from far away to be sure owner is present!
We "hand pick" every item.

#1   DROP OFF TUESDAYS from 11 am to 3 pm. 10-15 items, existing consignors only.
Please plan to drop your items off and pick up later that day. We will assess your items when you come in and decide how long it will take to review your items. This method works best for casual clothing like jeans, tops, sweaters, jersey dresses and athletic wear. You have 3 business days to pick up unwanted items before we donate them. Items should be folded in totes or paper shopping bags, or on "velvet" hangers which will be returned to you.
#2   CALL AHEAD. WE WILL MOVE YOU TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE. For same day review it helps if your items are on hangers.
Call 952-473-6755  This option is recommended if you have designer clothing, handbags, coats, sunglasses, evening wear or jewelry.
Items need to be in recyclable paper bags, no plastic bags, hangers or boxes may be left. For established consignors only, prep charges may apply if items are not ready to sell. Please call ahead.
Note: SATURDAYS are for drop & donate consignors only 

For Drop & Donate customers, clothing is automatically donated if it has flaws or if the style is not right for our store or if it has missing buttons, wear, stains, pet hair, embedded lint, or odors like smoke and perfume. Please do not use fragrance such as dryer sheets or Febreze. Clothing that has odor, powder, glitter, make up, self tanner, bronzer, deodorant, or pet hair will not be added to your account. We will not review each item with you; you should ask about a particular item when you drop off. 

Overwhelmed? Or need to downsize or a family member's home or estate? Call us for a free phone assessment before throwing away Grandma's vanity items, perfume, vintage silk stockings or frilly slips! We work with professional organizers who can help. Note - We will assess up to 5 items BEFORE you spend money on dry cleaning.

Once your items are on consignment, please keep to specified consigning hours for walk-ins--Tuesdays between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm for account reviews, payment inquiries, and clothing drop off and pick up.

​Our typical consignment period is 60 days plus a generous grace period at a reduced payout if items are still seasonal. We reduce prices by about 15% each month and liquidate or donate what doesn't sell. Consignors typically get paid when you drop off or pick up items, or spend your balance in the store and receive a bonus! Consignors are paid a percentage of each item's actual selling price. Thursdays are preferred "paydays" for those who call ahead.